Headshot session in SW19

I have been lucky to have lots of headshot sessions lately which I always enjoy. The session below took place in Wimbledon a couple of weeks ago. David Fierstone, the star of the headshots, needed some new photos for his CV and got in touch. As usual with the headshot sessions I run, we had a chat over a coffee beforehand so that I could find out exactly what he wanted. He admitted that he didn’t like having his photo taken and found that his face froze once a camera lens was pointing at him. I can identify with this since I don’t like having my photo taken, so we chatted throughout the session and he relaxed and stopped being aware of me snapping away. I really enjoyed the photo shoot too, especially hearing all David’s stories of celebrities! David took the time to write this lovely testimonial after the session which I wanted to share:

“I needed some professional head shots for my CV and general use. I’ve always been uncomfortable in front of a camera, so I was slightly apprehensive about having them done and about the cost factor! Then I found Jo, we met for a coffee first to discuss what I needed and she immediately put me at ease. We continued to chat throughout the photo shoot which certainly helped me to relax to the extent I forgot Jo was pointing a camera at me. The result was that she took the best shots I have had done for years and did the impossible, actually caught me naturally smiling and looking quite handsome, the woman’s a genius! Needless to say I’ve appointed her my official photographer and commissioned her for my wedding! She’s really correct with her prices and great fun to work with too.”

headshot photos for CV

Please get in touch if you need some up-to-date headshots for your CV, blog or social media profiles. I promise to make the experience as painless as possible!