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Do you wish you had more photos of your children?

A survey this week of 2,000 mums by Venture found that 92 per cent regretted not taking more photos of their second-born child as a baby. Apparently 91 per cent of those surveyed said that they obsessively recorded every detail of their first child from tiny toes to first tooth, while 87 per cent admitted to having noticeably fewer photos of their next child. Juggling a toddler and a newborn was one of the main reasons given for not getting round to capturing those moments on camera. You can see the article in The Telegraph about the survey here http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/10307075/Parents-ignore-second-child-when-it-comes-to-photos.html

I think that having fewer photos of our kids is definitely the case as they get older too. Last week, as I realised that with September whizzing by I need to start picking out photos of our daughter for the calendar I make each year for family members, I noticed that as each year goes by there are fewer photos of her to choose from. A lot of this is due to the fact that after nearly 11 years of being photographed by me, Lola is sometimes less than willing to have her photo taken… But as we hurtle about from here to there, the opportunities for taking photos are less and less. Anyway, it has made me determined to use my camera at home more (although she can’t escape my iPhone quite so easily).

It’s important to get photos of all of you together too as a family. And that’s where I come in… I only have two bespoke, full shoot sessions at weekends left now for 2013 so please get in touch asap if you would like to book one of those. But I’m running several mini sessions over the next couple of months so that you can get some up-to-date family photos done just in time for Christmas – or get some professional photos of your baby or toddler done. Or even get some festive family photos to make your own Christmas cards. Below are details of the sessions. I’ll post further details over the next few days, or please get in touch if you’d like some more info.

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