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Summer mini sessions at Mayfield Lavender #1

Oh dear. I haven’t been very good at keeping up to date with blogging over the summer holidays, despite my best intentions. So since autumn looks like it’s settling in to stay I wanted to share some photos from the summer mini sessions I did at the beginning of August at Mayfield Lavender in Banstead. It was my first time shooting there and I loved it. Not only is the lavender beautiful and the fields make a lovely setting for a photo shoot, but the smell is amazing. If only scratch and sniff blogs had been invented… The lavender is only in bloom for a relatively short time in July/August so the opportunity for a portrait session there is quite limited. However, I’ll definitely be running more sessions there next summer so if you’re interested or even if you’re super-organised and want to book one as a Christmas present (sorry for mentioning that when it’s still September) please do get in touch.

Anyway, here is the first of the sessions I’ll be posting. Tomorrow I’ll add another. There, it’s written on my blog so I’ll have to do it, despite having lots of lovely shoots to edit from the last week or so…

Mayfield lavender photo shootmini photo session in the lavender fields at Banstead



Mini sessions at Mayfield Lavender

The gorgeous sunny weather has made all the lavender come into bloom now at Mayfield Lavender so it should look very beautiful in the mini sessions I’m doing there on Monday 5 August. I have a slot left at 11.15am so please get in touch asap if you would like to book it. You can see details of the mini sessions here

Why not make the most of the school holidays to get some up-to-date family photos. Here are some photos from lavender sessions over the last few weeks.

family photo shoot in the lavender fields

I’ve just had the storyboard frame back from one of the sessions and wanted to share it since it’s so beautiful. Enjoy the sunshine this weekend!

storyboard frame of family shoot

Summer shoot in the lavender – and announcing more mini sessions…

Every time I look outside today it’s raining and dark-like-night-time. So it has been lovely to have such happy, sunny photos to edit to take my mind off the miserable weather. These are just a few of them from a shoot on Monday with two very gorgeous girls… They had lots of fun chasing squirrels (in a friendly way), twirling and eating ice cream (after the shoot).

photo shoot in the lavender richmond

I have another morning of mini sessions in the lavender planned for Monday 5 August. You can see details of mini sessions here Please get in touch if you would like to book one as they get booked up very quickly. I’m looking forward to some summer sessions tomorrow morning (fingers crossed the weather forecast is right and the sun will be shining – or at least have stopped raining). Have a lovely weekend…

Family portrait session in Wimbledon Village

Back in April, on the first sunny day we’d had in ages, I did a family photo shoot in Wimbledon Village with a very lovely baby girl and her mummy and daddy. The shoot had been booked as a birthday present for her proud daddy earlier in the year and he received a beautifully packaged gift voucher for the shoot to open on his birthday.

After the star of the shoot had had a little nap and some milk she was ready to show off her beautiful blue eyes and some very sweet smiles too.

baby photo shoot in Wimbledon VillageAfter the shoot the family ordered lots of gift prints and sent this lovely testimonial:  ’We were delighted both with how the shoot went and the resulting photos. Jo was really flexible and suggested some great shots. She put us all at ease, which showed through Isla’s excellent behaviour throughout!’.

Below is the lovely mini photo album/boasting book featuring photos of baby Isla too. This is the height of an iPhone so it fits into a handbag and holds up to 15 images so it makes a lovely gift. I sell lots of these mini albums and keepsake accordions since they’re a lovely way of preserving memories from your shoot. Please contact me for details.


Sweetheart Studio baby photo album

Happy Father’s Day!

Just a very quick post to wish all dads a happy Father’s Day. Here are just a few lovely dad moments from some photo shoots I’ve done in the last couple of months…

dad and baby photo shoot