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Pucker up for National Kissing Day…

I’ve heard that it’s National Kissing Day today, so in honour of the occasion here are some lovely kisses that I’ve captured on camera (some, by the looks of it gratefully received and some not quite so welcome). Happy National Kissing Day everyone. Pucker up…  xx

national kissing day photographs

Wedding anniversary shoot

I spent a lovely afternoon yesterday in Richmond Park with a couple celebrating their third wedding anniversary. We spent a happy couple of hours strolling through the park (except for the bits that were cordoned off because some of the oak trees are infested with oak processionary moth caterpillars, see http://www.royalparks.org.uk/parks/richmond_park/oak_processionary%20_moth.cfm if you’re interested in caterpillars…

Anyway, enough about caterpillars! Sorry, came over a bit David Bellamy then… All in all it was a very relaxed session and I was delighted that the couple’s nephew came along too. He was a great help in holding the pop-up reflector and kept me on my toes by standing next to me taking photos on his aunt’s iPhone. A bit of healthy competition and he took some lovely photos to boot… Plus I discovered a whole new beautiful location for future portrait sessions.

Here are some sneak peeks that I posted to Facebook yesterday so that the happy couple could see some of them while it was still their anniversary. Hope you like them K and R! Will have your gallery up and online in the next few days…

wedding anniversary photo shoot in richmond park

wedding anniversary photo shoot in richmond terraced gardens

Hurrah for West London Mum (.co.uk)!

Hurrah! Am very pleased and proud to be featured as one of West London Mum’s top 20 portrait photographers on their website http://www.westlondonmum.co.uk/?p=2458 There are several other photographers in their top 20 whose work I admire so I am delighted to be included.

I have a few slots available during the summer holidays (now that I have finally organised when we are here and when we are away!) so if you would like a family portrait/newborn shoot or just some lovely photos of yourself for your website/blog in one of the area’s beautiful parks or in the comfort of your own home, please do get in touch. Contact details are at www.sweetheartstudio.co.uk

I think blog posts look a bit bare without a photo in them somewhere so here’s a gratuitous shot of some beautiful poppies that were growing at the edge of a Norfolk field from a couple of weeks ago…

field of poppies

Didn’t we have a lovely time…

portrait photography in norfolk

Have been confined to bed for the last couple of days with a bout of pharyngitis which is apparently grown-up tonsillitis. Horrid, but has meant that I’ve finally got round to converting some of my holiday photos from the beginning of June into jpegs. Family photos are always the last to get processed because the images from portrait shoots obviously take precedence. Anyway, these are just a few because I took hundreds! There are some that don’t feature my gorgeous girl, but since this is my blog I’ve chosen ones with her in them  – mother’s prerogative (!). They were all taken in North Norfolk which is so beautiful and which holds lots of special memories for us as a family. As you can see, parts of the holiday were very windy, but then the sun came out and it was lovely…

Ten minutes, two babies and a temper tantrum…

I just wanted to share some photos from a shoot I did yesterday. The session was just a quick ten-minute favour from a friend who said I could photograph her two gorgeous girls to use on one of my new postcards for marketing. It was a challenging shoot because thundery clouds kept making the room dark as if it was the middle of the night and the very beautiful two-year-old Poppy is at that tricky stage of dropping her afternoon nap so was feeling a little on edge. However, as I hope you’ll agree, despite the fact that I was working overtime to adjust my camera to cope with bright sunlight/dark-like-nightime conditions, that we had to pause Ben and Holly in all their TV glory mid shoot (which sparked some displeasure), and that we were working against the clock before school pickup, it all turned out very well.

Just goes to show that with only a few minutes you can end up with some lovely shots, even if it’s stressful for a mummy while it’s going on because her little angels aren’t necessarily sitting still and smiling. Give me a wriggly baby and a toddler with a cheeky face over a staged-for-the-camera fixed grin every time.

Off to Norfolk for a few days which is why my blogging is unusually frequent… Looking forward to some time by the sea and taking lots of photos in some of my favourite spots.

baby photography in surbiton